Sunday, February 6, 2011

Whoot! There it is!

OK, you'll want to see "Amour Americaine" this is the google.doc address:

If you can't get in, message me at with your email address and I'll set it in.

A sixth draft is not yet performance level. Not until I hear it and I'm talking to two theatrical groups about getting a private, working reading. Wow! This one is hard. "Cyrano" could be as romantic and devoted as he liked. But Siriana, as a modern she a addict? I gave her adventures and romance in her 14 year separation from Roxy.  Cyrano only lives for Roxanne, but that was the 17th Century. 1996 in New York was still confusing. Still searching for answers and pleasures and not noticing that the world was being sabotaged by the bankers. Every play I write, I open cans of worms that I must deal with. I paid a price for this play. I hope the audience gets the reward.

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