Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Declare February 9 The First Day of Spring 2011

We are now going to dive into the play “Bulldog” about the changes in the newspaper business. The only romanticism in this will be in praying for the survival of newspapers. There will be absolutely no male/female bonding except perhaps between the war reporters, done quickly and efficiently under a desk and then on to the next battle. The other play that I want to begin is called “R U HERE? M I?” about Social Networking. For this, I may need more discussion with other people about. I want to have the positive as well as the negative things that go on. It is also the springtime for art and performance. With the $65,000,000 “Spiderman” getting horrible reviews and yet terrific sales, never have the words “Quo Vadis?” (Latin for: “Say WHAT?”) been more relevant for the theater. And most importantly we have to plant our feet as firmly as a gimp can in the East. in accepting our age, and trying to understand what it is to be a woman. We are growing stronger, and yet we still have to look closely at ourselves because we can make a lot of our own problems, as I’ve discovered. My generation started the fight for feminism but we can’t be here to see where it goes. If we leave a mark on it, it has to be the best possible one.

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