Monday, August 9, 2010

Reinhard Rule of Riting #9

Yes, I know there were 2 sevens, but is anyone reading anyway?

In many ways, blogging is indeed talking to oneself. I am stunned a bit by Facebook. I feel there should be one for happy, sunny, people. One for people who want to talk about every meal they have (and are really, truly disinterested in YOUR meals). And one for the nutsy, delicious artists that I like to hang out with providing they don't beat one over the head with causes. Since Obama failed us, I no longer care about causes. I now have a ton of material. I don't need to pay some theater's rent taking "Writing Classes," and am not sure what to do with the lumbering beasts I've created. I am happy that the young lady is having success with "Bachelorette Party", but the fact that they get drunk and hump strange men IS A CLICHE!!!!! TV writing done big. WHOOPEE!!! I Thank God I didn't write that play. I'll stick with my little State Trooper and writing a really great scene of his last traffic stop. They got Valjean, but they paid with their lives...YES! BE ORIGINAL! LOOK CLOSELY AT LIFE! DO NOT LISTEN TO THE "EXPERTS" UNLESS TELEVISION AND FILM IS WHERE YOU WANT TO END UP! Hey! It's fun knowing no one will read this! I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!

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