Sunday, August 15, 2010

Reinhard Rule of Riting #12

Jump! Jump! Jump Around

OK! You might be having a reading of "The Talking God", or they might prefer the one act "Redemption". You wrote them both. They are totally different styles and headsets. In the meantime, you have to get jumping on the newspaper story "Bulldog", so that you have a brand new drama to peddle. Nobody in this one is allowed near a bed, that means you, male and female war reporters. I am not used to bedless plots. Also, you need to have a new comedy to sell, so start making notes for "Flounder on a Roll". BUT, snap! Back to "The Talking God", in case there's a reading. Learn makeup and lose weight so that you can get in the Saleslady Mode. Remember Mamet, Always Be Closing. Big purse needed for carrying scripts, remember that "God" costs $7.00 to xerox. And realize that the gun battle in drama "Redemption "needs clarification. (I love being a chick writing a gun battle.) Fix that page. Uniform color is wrong in Comic "Tutorial". Fix that page. And remember that you promised to read that friends novel when you no longer are capable of describing characters beyond "A tall man in a long coat, with a wide brimmed hat over his eyes, enters.) Which is the hugely charismatic and complicated Charlie Malone. Leave rest to actor and director. PUFF! PUFF! AND DO THE REWRITES ON GOOGLE DOCS, too. YOU ASKED FOR IT!

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