Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Reinhard Rule of Riting #13

The Internet--A Stalker’s Paradise
I have a television writer character in Bulldog called “Burt Oosterhaus”, who is OF COURSE, based on someone I know. I discovered that the newspaper in Albany has DOZENS of “Burt’s” columns from the 1990’s. And this one, strangely enough puts my feelings for “Burt” and “DB” in wonderful perspective. I quote from KN (the real “Burt”...SCARY smart and self-destructive.)

Words like "forever" and "always" spring more easily to the lips of lovers than to other people. There is something in the experience of falling in love that makes us comfortable with the never- ending - a concept that, in other contexts, can be terrifying.
But what, exactly, is pledged when we promise to love another through time? Are we promising our love will keep pace with the person who changes and grows and diminishes as the years go by? Or is our loyalty devoted only to an idea of the beloved as he or she is now, adoring an image trapped in a mirror long after the real person has left the room and gone on with their life?

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