Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Reinhard Rule of Riting #10

To Steal or Not to Steal...That is the Query
As I dive into the monster "Bulldog", I am spinning tales from thin air, but sometimes, there's the thickness of reality. I have a television reviewer and I worked with a television reviewer twenty years ago when United Media created more than comics. In a review of "Thirtysomething" he came up with the fabulous line, and I recreate from memory: "In the 1970's, we marched down the street, shouting Dylan's lyrics: 'Something is happening, but you don't know what it you...Mr. Jones?' at the top of our lungs. In the 1990's we whisper it into the bathroom mirror at 2 a.m." OUCH! BANG ON THE TARGET! PERFECTION! WHEW! Men wept. Women offered their bodies. (I was between boyfriends.) And then, he disappeared into the wilds of the Massachusetts mountains, never to be heard from again 'cause he was a TEENSY nuts. I don't think he owns a television or a computer, but he probably talks to the moose. Can I then...use this line? The character's name Burt Oosterhaus is a play on the real name. I'll credit the character...BUT DAMN! That's a good line!

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