Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let's Talk About Men (Calm Down! It's Nice.)

I’ve reached the age where it is best not to think about sex, the act, but one is constantly reminded of sex, the gender. God bless all you guys who got married, had children, figured it out and stuck it out. You are smart. You accept your age and your wife’s age because you’ve taken the ride together. I have a young friend who is enjoying a young son and watching another one grow inside his wife, while at the same time, marketing a movie script successfully. I think they go hand-in-hand.

I have many male Facebook friends and enjoy the challenges and the jokes that come from all over the spectrum of humor and the world. One is teaching me about frogs and another about Australian politics. My British friend is the go to guy about guys. We have vowed to never meet and are therefore free to be open and honest about our strengths and weaknesses. And he tells great jokes.

My Minister and my building manager are good men and treat all of us with the same care and interest. It’s really quite simple, you see, when you are just dealing with deals and work and inspiration. I am so glad that I have a male playwright friend who is astonishingly successful and can understand what the hell I’m talking about when I speak of casting and set design.

After a recent...weird...experience, I can see that the problem arises when sex rears its overwhelming, addictive head. Isn’t all this talk of women’s reproductive rights another way of saying there are men who want to control our sex. Our amazing power to seduce and entrance and horrify them because we can choose life or death. I think that’s why some men get involved, to retain some power over those choices. I am watching a beloved friend destroy himself over sexual addiction and that is the one thing only a shrink help him with. I don't know what to say without...never mind.

As the old saying goes, we are all bozoes on this bus. We are all stuck in the game as Human Beings riding around on a loose cannonball called Earth and that has to bond us long after the breasts and the penises have sagged and retired. And as every woman knows, losing desire is wonderful and liberating. Losing desireability is what's depressing. Let’s sit down and talk about it. Guys?

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