Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Dream World is Over. Wake Up

While I can understand that worrying about Vampire and Wizards and Justin Bieber can provide a little respite from the day-to-day troubles of the world, it’s time to deal with the fact that the day-to-day world is in your face, screaming. If we ignore the Republican agenda, we will end up living in Nazi Germany on a bowl of gruel a day, living in a barracks. Every other cent will be given to the rich while we watch The Real Housewives (Prostitutes) of Somewhere roll in the mud for our entertainment. (The Barracks will have televisions to keep us quiet.)

I think I am well qualified to speak of fantasy. I spent my whole life fantasizing about being rescued by a Prince Charming. I’m not sure I put the real men into that Savior category because as I got sucked into the bad marriages, I was daydreaming about movie stars and TV stars. Would I had been daydreaming about novelists and physicists, but that would have involved too much reading. Both times, I ended up paying all the bills and doing all the housework for someone who would say to my face that he didn’t love me and go off to fantasize about a pinup who would have laughed in his face.

I’ve spent the last thirty-five years virtually apolitical and totally inactive. Right now, I do have a few dollars stored away and am aware that Capitalism feels permitted to steal it. If they can get at it, I deserve to lose it. That no one was jailed for the last big meltdown proves that even Obama was co-opted. That millions of poor whites embrace the Koch-owned and operated Tea Party, cheering on their own demises, shows the reason why the powers want Education destroyed. WAKE UP!

We have to connect with real people. Put down that mouse and step away from the computer. Put down your dick and see if those hot fantasy girls will give you the time of day. Give up the fantasies of men in white Mustangs. I have to accept that I am old and sagging and it’s all right. Reality is here and it is big and ugly and pounding on the door. Meet people. Look at yourself in the mirror. Talk to people. Organize people. No. You can’t put it off another day. WAKE UP!

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