Saturday, April 9, 2011

About Another Woman, Not Me, How Refreshing

I was asked today, “Does he love me?”
I no longer know what to say.
Define “love” without daydreams, sweet girl.
Define it living day to day.

We both must ask, do we love ourselves
Enough to know when it’s offered?
Or is it a faceless fairy tale
That no mere mortal male can grant?

There’s no money in the mix today.
And credit burdens kill the soul.
No palace, no white steed or armor.
What can he bring you, my daughter?

Start with laughter  and intelligence.
Simple, naked sex and soft kisses
Or do complications excite you?
Do lies and games drag you closer  still?

Then, you are not ready, you must wait.
Until you won’t suffer for him.
Look in the mirror and see a Queen.
Who will make a good man into King.

And if he never comes, so be it.
This new world demands survival.
Let us be the ladies in waiting
Our skirts above the mud and the dirt.

Giving our great Love to those who need.
To our families and our friends.
No longer mourning games we won’t win.
Dancing in the sunshine alone.

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