Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Get What You Were Telling Me and Thank You

I think I get it now, Sweetie. I was trying to censor and control you and now that I must have no censorship or control on my art from you, I get what you meant. My deepest apologies. The sad part is that I had to get you out of my face and my work to understand, but you were also censoring me and might want to do it still. Amazing the freedom I’ve found since you are gone.

But I get it and I apologize.

Now, I’ve gone beyond the past and am opening up the doors of the future. My characters are once again taking off on their own, with me following along with steno pad, taking dictation. And you are flying; those beautiful hands churning out painting after painting. And it is not my place to say anything except that one is a masterpiece and the rest are exhilarating. Beautiful music, Thorn Bird, sing it.

I’ll follow along as best you can until you disappear and remember ever color and image. And if I can do my art half as good as you, I will be another Master.

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