Sunday, December 18, 2011

SONNET XXII -- Toujours Seule, Indeed

SONNET XXII  -- Toujours Seule, Indeed
It’s slowing down and coming to an end,
We can’t expect our life to be the same.
Grandma has to let expectations bend,
And stop the search for love and wealth and fame.
Time for us to enjoy what bits we have,
And clear our minds of desire and envy.
Which give to us hurts that have no cool salve,
And blinds us so to what we still can be.
I fled too long the needs of normal life,
Ignored my house and art and books for aught.
And gave my heart to men who fed on strife,
And could not give the love that I had sought.
These sonnets still do not sing like Shakespeare,
I have much to learn, the reading makes clear.

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