Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sonnet XVII – Oh, Crap!

Sonnet XVII – Oh, Crap!

Sometimes the words are elusive as Hell,
Oh, it’s high time to admit I was wrong,
And eat  my humble pie on the half shell.
I can’t keep buying the old dance and song.
These fifty-eight years of daydreams get stale.
I need normal but the world is insane.
Nobody cares that I’m getting more frail,
I can’t put myself through this shit again.
I’m tired of whining and too old to wail.
Now is the time to become the Grand Dame.
And read all these books while my eyes still work.
Return to being a theater ham.
And haul my ass into nearby New York.
With no time on my clock, I’ll wait for Love.
But please, could someone give Cupid a shove?


  1. The poet has well painted the agony of old age , and the vain strife of the bygone years . Love of youth , yet casts a longing lingering look , and the drooping spirit tries to hold the dimming flame .

  2. Thank you, Sampad! I'm glad you appreciate what I'm saying. Not giving up but knowing where I am.