Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another Random Thoughts...The Poetic Well is Dry Today

As I read through the Facebook postings I'm starting to see that it's not a 1% v 99% separation so much as it is an employed/unemployed break. People with jobs are sure they will never EVER lose them, mostly out of terror of losing them and feel that their bosses want them lined up against the Occupied movement. No one is asking for a handout. It is about jobs and making it illegal to steal money and cheat the populace. I worry that some of the employed don't understand that the paths to survival are being cut off.
It shouldn't be this difficult.
I know it's because of my connection to so many editorial cartoonists, but I was rather astounded to find that, on Facebook, Occupy Atlanta had subscribed to ME! I am humbled.
My track record is scraps of paper stained with tears & coffee. Of all women on Earth, I have the worst taste in men. Mea culpa all the way.
I've found the Wahls diet to stop MS and it would mean no bread or milk, both of which I JUST BOUGHT and 9 cups of fruit and vegetables a day. We will try it. It is not vegetarian, however. SIGH!
I cleaned up and rearranged the Tupperware cupboard. I must be getting back to normal. Three friends having crises. Count my blessings. And the burp lids.
Pearl Harbor day. My father turned 18 in 1942 (see picture above) and signed up expecting to die in battle. They sent him to Honolulu as a driver (he had never set foot in a car) for officers on R&R for 3 years. He saw the immediate aftermath of Pearl Harbor but boy...did he luck out!

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