Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sonnet XX - Hey! Passion Rhymes With Kardashian!

Rich or poor, East or West, we speak of sex,
The more you have the more you want, so what?
I can’t deny the call of muscled pecs,
Or the allure of a perky young butt.
And, yes, of course, it does feel wonderful.
But, yo! The sneaky advertisers call,
And made us go at it until we were dull.
Allowed them to take our eyes off the ball,
So they can rob us blind as we obsess
About ephemera Kardashian.
The rich get rich and so the poor regress.
Their one release a robotic passion.
Women forced to sell their assets for cash,
And men stumbling blind from come to come.
The child is born into a wild car crash
Where we’re not sure where he or she came from.
Grandma knows sex can be so wonderful,
Try to learn what lies between love and bull.


  1. OOOPS! This is 4 lines too long. Got overexcited. Will edit it for publishing.

  2. Tsk! Who can keep up with beats, lines, rhymes, imagery and all that stuff anymore?

    I wish I believed something might lie between love and bull. I'm starting to believe that in "love" all is vanity and nothing is fair. It's just illusion, suffering and change.

  3. I see the people in love for forty years and it seems so simple, but it never was for us, V. I sometimes wonder if I'm not addicted to the tragic and difficult, the creative urge to die in order to live.