Monday, December 12, 2011

Atonement for a Life Misspent

do we fail at life because it’s easier
or is it just a lack of heart and soul
and a need to keep the pity going
to cover our failure to make the goal

i think that success brought my men such guilt
be it in business or even with wife
dad told me that to do better than him
would be a spit on his blue collar life

i sacrificed everything for men
and kept my collar so painfully blue
was i hoping to be a wife and mom
or just an equal and beloved sue?

i got involved with men destroyed by mom
and tried so hard, just to be forgotten
"nothing normal" was their rallying cry
and I ran when the mess got too rotten

while i was distracted, the world went mad
and there’s a chance it will not recover
children and ecology have more need than me
i pray it’s not too late to discover

some ways for the old lady to atone
and contribute more than empty support
to schizophrenic and angry lovers
returning to my friends their sweet comfort


  1. Love your pen, I think that many of us get to a certain age and think "WTF???" I did, I looked at my life at 50 and was NOT where I dreamed that I would be...I think that I got in the way, I mean, I was the common denominator in each relationship, LOL...At 52, I am starting over and seeing some happiness (not always but still grateful, my view has changed) ...Love & Hugs...xoxoxo

  2. Love and hugs to you. I'm getting more in touch with reality (and a mother who still shrieks about me not being married). I've wasted my whole life worried about what my father and the men who put me down while taking my cash. It's good for us to get free of all this. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Too bad we can make the young ones who still have life to spend see.

  4. Fantastic... You amaze me Susan. xx, Allan

  5. Thank you, Allan! I've still got a lot to learn about this poetry stuff but I think I got the emotions down.

  6. Ah, V. We were the young ones who didn't listen, I suspect. When I turned 40, it suddenly hit me that I was actually aging. I think Nature keeps you oblivious so that you make children for her. I should have moved to NY...shoulda coulda woulda