Friday, June 1, 2012

Something Something Something

Something Something Something

i can’t remember the words any more
am I just old or so overloaded
with similes and metaphors and rhymes
and blue skies and green grass and red sunrise
that I can’t see straight

and the songs, dear god, the thousands of songs
running through my mind and over my tongue
of love and protest and wild party time
and earth and peace and love and love and love
that has turned to hate

didn’t they tell me my work was over
and i’ve earned my rest and still, empty days
but i walk over the bones of children
and hate the ones in charge, who fucked it up
leaving me with guilt

where is the country we thought we had made
with the songs and marches of years gone by
it’s trampled over by money and hate
and turning into a foul, fetid swamp
not the world I built

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