Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sonnet 59 – Prithee, My Love--You’re Nuts

Sonnet 59 – Prithee, My Love--You’re Nuts
Love means never having to say “You’re nuts”
And that is where I ended ev’ry time
I’d like to meet a man who had some guts
(At last, I have a word that rhymes with rhyme)
But those men who can make relationships
Have successfully committed for life
Alas, the rest are egocentric drips
Who want a brainless body for a wife
I think I took too long to get this straight
And wasted precious time on hopeless cases
I believe it’s better never than late
These legs are only good for watching races
I only have the time to be a friend
And share a few wry laughs before the end

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