Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sonnet 61 – On The Road Again

Sonnet 61 – On The Road Again

Finally doing that Seattle trip
That I had to postpone two years ago
But allowed me to give life one last sip
And of this that is all you need to know
Once more I see my madman: Pacific
Strange name for such amazing wild water
Makes our Atlantic less than terrific
We lack sea lion and friendly otter
Too many people my age are dying
And I won’t be that far behind, I fear
To say I have no regrets is lying
I know not to waste my days with a tear
Alas, the funds for trips will cease to be
I must let reality manage me


  1. 'But I know not to waste my days on tears'...Yes! We can learn to be happy inside. Not easy but who ever said LIFE was. And that is the life worth living -when the externals are not what one works for to bring happiness or saddness to their being.

    1. I'm getting there and now I am aware of the journey. I spent 10 years in a daze thanks to the wrong medicine and woke up 2 years ago. Still learning.