Friday, May 11, 2012

I Talk About Playwriting, Here They Are

I was asked to arrange a listing of my plays. These are the best and most complete. THE COPYRIGHTS ARE REAL and enforced. However, I would love to get productions if anyone is interested in contacting me. Also, if these web addresses do not work, advise me at and I will set you up via the web. You should be able to click on these.


DRAMA (R rated)
My take on “Cyrano de Bergerac”, but now it is a female, Siriana D. Bergmann. Set in NYC in 1996, but touches M. Rostand’s great scenes…and emotions

DRAMA (X rated)
Possibly my masterpiece, but it is about some very adult subjects. I was told I couldn’t write a villain. They were wrong. Greek tragedy in modern times.

DRAMA (G rated)
I was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, where there was a flood you might have heard about,  in 1889. Not just my family’s story, but a truly relevant story of corporate greed and carelessness, which has more than a little resonance today.


COMEDY (G rated)
An all female cast of 7. The NYC theater “A Woman’s Place” is desperate for money and invites the Montclair, NJ organization The Elizabeth Barrett Browing Center for the Performing Arts to come see a show down in the Village. My attempt to mix the contemporary with door-banging farce.

DRAMA (PG rated)
My second best play, again because I was challenged by New York writers. They told me that a Christian man could not be a hero. That is stereotyping. So I made him Southern and a cop. Valjean Roland has to prove to his wife and the audience that there are some good people out there who do believe in Jesus. You might recognize Riza from “Frenzy Witchcraft”. I am very proud of this play.

DRAMA (PG rated)

A bit self-indulgent, this is a play about the insanity when I was 42 and still attractive to men and realizing that I might not ever find the right one. The artist I found in the mountains of Quebec was a compelling tragedy as were the two American men who touched my life at that time. And yet, I did it once more two years ago on a different mountaintop. Sometimes, you have to refresh the lesson.

COMEDY (R rated)

Controversial in that there is sex in it between a 16-year-old boy and a 21-year-old girl. That he is white and she black turns out not to be the problem, but the age difference is. A one act play with a 9 year break in it. But it is a simple, refreshing little comedy…I think.

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