Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What’s a Chick Got to do to Get Service in This Joint? Canto

CANTO 8   September 21, 2011

I might not be able to do this part justice till I turn this into a book
E. ended up conquering massive problems and fathering 4 great kids.

However, back in 1971, his parents and brother were still alive.
S. was completely insane. She drove her husband, L. into silence
Now, bear in mind, E. was not born E. He had chosen his own name
And so his younger brother decided that he would be J.

We got out of there quickly, but I don’t want to waste your time
We had an apartment in the Chelsea section of AC back when it was dull.
A basement rock band drove us out to Pleasantville.
The landlords were downstairs and so they asked us to leave when
They realized they didn’t want people above them.

E. was the manager of a bookstore, a perfect position for him
And I worked in Reservations in various hotels. A perfect use for my theatrical training.

E. got fatter and fatter and I got more and more depressed
We ended up living in the basement of a summer house, but I’m getting ahead

The most significant moment of the story happened one day in the book store.
This magnificently loud and well dressed, dark haired male creature was at the counter, laughing so loud the whole store turned and looked.

Frank Adamucci, Jr. of Margate. If you knew him, you will be smiling right now.

Dressed in the bell bottomed, French shirt, platform heeled glory of  the 1970’s.

His father had owned a construction business and had been murdered
Despite the Italian name, I was told quite firmly that it was a botched robbery
That left the 18-year-old Frank a millionaire, but with a mother to take care of.

He could not leave her and Margate and had no education and was the most brilliant, clever, dazzling creature on Earth and straight as a stick, with the women
flocking around him. He could get away with accusing a gay friend of having “landing lights on your ass” and keep the gay friend’s adoration.

He turned away from leaning on the bookstore desk and looked at me as Ethan introduced me as his wife. Frank looked me up and down with those dark eyes and smiled and said “You’re interesting!”

And then spent twenty more years showing me that I was.

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