Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time to Pay the Piper

The disco days are dead and gone
And the charges have all come due.

Worry about it tomorrow.
But tomorrow has come for you.

The details got away from us
In a haze of Bordeaux and Brie,

Fantasies and daydreams of Love
But no debt we ran up was free.

I wanted to save you, sweet boy
But this boat just had room for one.

And like Rose in Titanic’s film
I dropped your cold hand so to run.

And I survived. Big fucking deal.
I owe the drowned ones compassion.

I must help, and I must listen.
Don’t let the rich bastards cash in

On our foolish indulgences
That they controlled in secret ways.

To dazzle us with shiny things
And for which the blameless child pays.

Amazed, I see that Jack survived.
Finding his own way to the shore.

Stripped clean and redressed in new clothes
Ready to find a new open door.

I refuse to let them win this war.
Let’s give them a revolution.

With stronger, leaner, angry hands.
The product of our evolution.