Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm Told it's Like Riding a Bike

I gave up sex in 1993, mainly because it wasn’t worth the trouble any more.  Not only were all the good men taken, the ones who were good in bed were definitely off the market. And it was depressing to see that the younger men I dated had none of the skills of the men of my generation. There had been a sea change in the failure of Feminism. The females who saw our assertiveness as a chance to get the men, had run in to our places with no demands and the urge to please. It was obvious that the younger men had no incentive to please a woman as she would stay no matter what. The Joy of Sex was replaced by the Joy of Sexting and the hookup became commonplace. Friends with benefits. Like brushing your teeth. Don’t make a big deal, I’ve got a call coming in.

You’ll notice that Bill Clinton never mentioned giving Ms. Lewinsky any pleasure…no. It was the new age where a man in power didn’t have to worry about showing his body because he didn’t have to undress in front of a woman. She would kneel before him and serve him. Oh, good. That’s what Feminism was all about…making a cheap porno. 

But look, guys, I realize that I had stopped holding up my end of the deal. Having realized that women having to spend more money on hair and makeup and clothes than men was unfair, I had pretty much ended my days of being dressing to please when I was first married at 21 to Anything Male With A Pulse. In 1993, I was 44 years old and twice divorced. The first shot of menopause over my head emphasized a huge difference between female and male. There is the natural attraction of a fertile women, but I assure all of you gentlemen that the urge leaves woman is a myth. I have not lost the urge or ability, I’ve just gotten hip enough to the idea of a woman of 62 talking about it is considered gag-worthy by most men. So, seriously, why would I want to waste the money on makeup? Botox. Plastic Surgery. You end up still looking like an old lady, but one that had work done.

So, I have to accept that the fact that the last time I had sex will always be an EH! memory and try to recall the four in the middle of the pack who were spectacular. I’m pretty pleased with the last man I kissed, so let’s just put that in the scrap book as the closing memory. The scrap book is not locked and might be opened again. Anything can happen and I’m not going to run away from men, but I’m not looking for it either. Yes, next June will be 19 years since last I assumed the position, but I’m told that it’s “just like riding a bike.” Well, yeah, if the lady’s on top.


  1. I think yr selling yrself short- a lot of females are not interested in sex- and the same is true for males- for males who keep on being interested in sex- like myself- we'll f k a lot of "things"- wrong wd choice- well think of it vice versa- i don't kn ow- i will read this again- but first reading strikes me as sad-
    i do not think of myself as sexist-

  2. I don't think anybody is actively sexist any more, I just think that nobody thinks about the issue at all and that we have drifted into male pleasing. It's not the men who are sexist. I'm thinking more about the sisterhood with this, because whatever they are compromising for doesn't work. I might find someone someday but I have no intention of lying about anything and I think it would be great for both of us. It's such a big, difficult issue. Don't get me started on the sins of women, like lying and the "accidental pregnancy." I just want everybody to get back to honesty and that starts with the females.

  3. I gave up sex a few yrs ago...I may take it back up...LOL....Great article....<3

  4. Thank you, Janet. Yeah, right now we have to concentrate on survival, but if it comes knocking, we'll see. One never knows, but I want it to feel right. No more making excuses and compromising.
    Said Grandm, lol!

  5. i posted as anonymous above becuz it seems to b the only way i can get on- i had posted my url once- that didn't work- i am
    david eberhardt- yr ole friend
    i think ammurica is very deficient in covering sex or in its prurient sexual attitudes and its sexism and misogyny-
    ever since my religious (gongregationalist) mom would not allow me her tit and i have been obsessed EVER SINCE- i luv sex TO DEATH-i luv me sum breastses (as we say in balteemore) lol
    allen (alan?) ginsberg is the only poet i know to have done much w sesx in poetry - ND IT IS A BASIC URGE- go figure
    erica jong did some stuff
    look at jihadis- look at george bush
    sexual repression has been one of the biggest culprits in human history (in my opinion)

    please- some one- what is the best book by a female on female sexual pleasure?

    david eberhardt

  6. I will look into it, David. It's funny because it's not till so late in my life, at the encouragement of a male friend who reminds me much of your that I've been writing of it. Possibly because of being called unattractive.