Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Poems du Terre FIVE! You Know You Want It

Cool  rain shears night skies
Air is lace as thunder  moans
The wind connects us

Tell me to laugh.
Tell me to smile.
Make no waves
To be worthwhile.

Don’t think of it
Don’t take the time
Will fit the rhyme

So confident
Devil may care
Just party
Be debonair

In 1993, I decided that it was not good
To mix me with men, and so I stopped.

For seventeen years, until a beautiful
pair of hands broke the ice around me.

That was but a brief moment leading
To seeing men as good, but no romance.

So have I decided to mix with men or
Is it too late that only fools would try?

Or is it enough to decide not to avoid
My hairy brothers and let life happen?

Just don’t ask me to shave my legs.