Monday, August 22, 2011

How Does a Chick Get Service in a Joint Like This? Canto 1

CANTO 1   August 22, 2011

It was supposed to be better
It was supposed to be better

Damn it!

Future tense in the past
Tense like a wire
That will kill you if it gives
My father said he never wanted sons
They would be too competitive
My mother wanted at least one son
To take care of her
She was not happy that I arrived
Another damned daughter to marry off
Who couldn’t take care of her.
My 142 IQ meant nothing to her
Without a penis between my legs
Although, later in life, there were
Plenty of…well, you get the joke.
My sister was pink sweater sets
And girlfriends and boyfriends
And back seats and A&W Root Beer
I stayed in my room, dreaming of
Boys on the television and writing plays
And then they decided that it would be smart
To go to war in Vietnam
My advanced History teacher, Mr. Cox
Locked the door and told us not to tell our parents
That he was turning us into Peaceniks
Even the boy who loved Barry Goldwater
Became a member of the SDS
Falling off my high heeled shoes
And smearing the makeup on my face
And never getting the hair or clothes right
I was ripe for the next thing to come
But that would take two years of
Running the mimeograph and fetching coffee
Before the women started to realize
That we were the slaves of the Revolution
That we were an oppressed majority
Looking for that man to marry
To keep our mothers quiet and content
We called the first meeting “Bread and Roses”
And it was supposed to make it better.

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