Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just a Couple of Things 'cause It's Been A Few Days

A bottomless
Miasma of pain
Tentacles wrapped round the soul and history

A horror
Laid out on a mistake
Wrapped in blindness
Love is too weak to unravel the mystery

water finds weakness
and gently carves a new path
with an iron fist

weather and nature
hurricane fills the news feed
haiku is elusive


  1. these two go magically together- i find myself (eternally nosy) wondering- did susan have a traumatic incident- they could she share a few more details- more...more...give us more

    something was laid out and wrapped- dave's brain working- cld have been a coprse- a child?

    dave wonders if susan has seen the "hell raiser" movies?

  2. dave wonders abtspelling corpse- dave wonders abt tentacles

  3. Dave raises many questions. The haiku are simply about the hurricane, but I have to do them my modern way and not as required. As for the first poem, it is not about me except that I tried to cure the pain with Love and failed. I am just now accepting that I can do no more.