Saturday, August 13, 2011

Talk About Hey Now! Hey Now! Haiku Haiku I Kay

Love does not answer
Because you need it on call
It does what it wants

Sick of Love couplets
From those who know its embrace
And beat us with them

Am not beautiful
And don’t inspire desire
Good soul doesn’t sell

Hey! Inspire desire
Is good for making a rhyme
I’m wasting it here

Men use Love for sex
Women use sex to get Love
Money conquers all

The worst result
Of our commercialized world
Is the death of Love

Food. Shelter. Health Care.
Peace. Laughter. Feeding the poor.
Love is part of it.

Love will surprise you.
Coming when you least expect.
Did you miss the clue?

Don’t talk about sex
As if you think I’m too old.
I do remember.

I’m not enough Saint
To be Lovable when old
Walking with a cane.

I envy you, my Child.
Life’s joys and sorrows are new.
Go forth and fall hard.

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