Monday, July 23, 2012

Sonnett 64 -- I HATE COMPUTERS!

Shakespeare never spent a day playing with wire
Assuring all routers were reset fast
And wee Mousie wasn’t moving sans fire
Wishing said problem was all of Comcast
Alas, there is no strapping male to help
I will not call out to Xfinity
Moments I wish to throw MAC to the kelp
I lost my programming divinity!
Fie on thee, box of flashing disco light
And bitch, tell me not that there’s no outage
Customer Service abandons the fight
Abandons me to jiggle my outrage
I finally miss that UME perk
To call MIS, let them make it work


  1. i give up. i thought united media was UM. what's UME?

  2. United Media Enterprises. That's what we called it.