Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Anybody Ever Write A Poem About You

Has anyone ever written a poem about you?
Was asked today by a Facebook friend.
I may pay all the bills and clean the house
But it wasn’t worth a line or two to them
Poems are written for dreamlike girls
Not for short and clunky German broads
All your inspiring memes are full of crap
Because what matters is a woman’s looks
No one has written an ode to Maya Angelou
No matter how strong, pure and proud she is
The men to whom I have dedicated poems
Proudly never acknowledge or comment
This is unequivocally proving to me….
Something…that I never figured out.
A woman can’t be Pablo Neruda or Picasso
Collette was pitied for buying her young men
Are expected to be for sale to rich old men
Especially among the rich and famous
I fear, only exists between the legs
And has nothing to do with the mind


  1. Sometimes the ones one gets are so bad one wishes the poetaster hadn't. It is not only difficult to keep one's face from squinching, but too fulsome praise might not only gladden the heart of the one who sought to gladden that of another, but might also result in more such being foisted on the public eye. One ends up stammering non-committal replies like, "O my," and "Bless your heart" while frantically seeking a graceful exit.