Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Too Late for You, But Not for Me

Living without fantasies
Is like living on thin air
Fainting from the lack of breath

The chocolate of the mind
Has kept us from seeking truth
And made our lives a slow death

I awake my throat is dry
At least I am all alone
Without the extra onus

Of dead and dying lovers
From whom smart women have run
But I regard as bonus

The world lives on fumes and lies
And might not make tomorrow
Madness lives in the water

Children and the elderly
Slated for destruction as
Politicians’ fodder

Old and fat with silver hair
There is no time for dreaming
But only desperate actions

The bigots want to kill a race
Leave the rest to slavery
Divided into factions

I am useful on the ground
There is no retirement
Seven miles from Newark

Sanity is demanded
In the here and now today
Everyone must do work

So save yourself, aging boy
Stop whining about the past
You screwed the pooch, my Dear

Get off your damned pedestal
Join the masses in reality
And redeem your skinny rear

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