Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pornographic Addiction -- Adults Only

Do you want white lace or black lace
Wedding gown or bustier
Do you want a sweet virgin’s face,
Or “Hey, Big Boy whaddayasay”

Reduce love to lubrication
And banging all the hot night long
Aiming for ejaculation
The G spot’s overwhelming song

When does it become addiction
Overwhelming all of your sense
When does it become affliction
Leaving you trapped inside a fence

So many websites on the Net
Full of faceless women and men
Masturbation all warm and wet
Over and over and again

There is no career or marriage
More important than the sickness
Of living on an unknown edge
Bragging of your length or thickness

Without the burden of the truth
A costumed teenage fantasy
No demands for us, forsooth
No nasty responsibility

Call the phone women feminists
By a very male definition
Pretend you’re not recidivists
Free from any dull thought of sin

Something happened to cause this mess
That excited and disturbed you
Repeat it with numbing sameness
Try to find a way to get through

Your talent and your brain are starved
This artificial Web of sex
Your children unborn, your Love carved
Into pieces of arms and legs and pecs

It’s impossible to cure, I fear
Once hooked by the Dominatrix
It continues year after year
The only way to get your kicks

I know the sweet release you seek
When the leather bond chokes your breath
To stop the mem’ry of being weak
With the blessed kisses of death


  1. Like.
    Kiss singular would have been my choice.

  2. Yes. I had trouble finding the 10 beats, I'll remember your note for the rewrites. thanks