Monday, July 26, 2010

We pause to contemplate our current opus

KINAALDA The Middle Child of The Talking God

What's fun about having so little chance of getting a play done, is a certain freedom to let yourself go. My The Talking God trilogy starts from the light, optimistic, save the Earth opener "The Talking God". The closer play is about as dark as anyone has ever written a play, called "Frenzy Witchcraft". It's one reading had people yelling "Bravo!" and then coming over and smacking me in the shoulder saying things like "There's something wrong with you for creating that monster and then you made us CARE about him!" Well, we have to get there from Play One and Play Two is "Kinaalda". (Navajo coming of age ceremony for girls.) I have to take my characters and lead them into huge errors that, indeed, creates the monster of the Third Play. I want to warn them "DON'T DO IT!" "RUN! RUN!" But that doesn't serve the trilogy. And it has to possibly stand alone, which it probably will never do, though one and three can. It's really kind of sad. I feel bad for them. THEY'RE NOT REAL...but then, they are.

Amazing. Start with one blank sheet of paper and 180 pages, 12 characters and 6 hours later...there you are.

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