Monday, July 26, 2010

Reinhard Rule of Riting #2


Zac is reading along, trying to concentrate on whatever emotions his pretty head is capable of, and he does not have time to correct your typos. "Oh, that this too, too, solid flash should..." WAIT! UM. ER. No. You don't have to worry about punctuation, that's why you write plays... (Ellipsis covers so many moments), but you must not toss a stone into an actor's already precarious path. I have to read my scripts once a day for a week, with hearty screams of "#%@#%#$%!" when I have misspelled or assigned the wrong character name to a speech, like one who had just "#%#$%#$%ing" died!

Producers have huge piles of scripts to read. They are looking for reasons to stop. Don't give them ammunition with typos. Also, don't start a play with "Back in the day when trees were people and could talk..."* This will make their brains hurt and THERE GOES THE SCRIPT! "I think the throw's going all the way to the green, Al!" *The Talking God" by S. Reinhard.

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