Monday, September 3, 2012

Sonnet 69-- Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter

The rains of Isaac are coming, I’m told
It’s time for me to return to penning
I feel a fear both genuine and cold
Of conquered monsters reawakening
I no longer care if he lives or dies
I diet so to somehow save my life
We drown in a damned sea of right wing lies
And the rest of the world is torn by strife
Tomorrow the gym, and rewrite act two
Retired lady has little to do
Clean the apartment for my sister’s review
I guess old age won’t bring anything new
I will never write a proper sonnet
Are there any other rhyme but “bonnet”?


  1. you keep on blocking me on facebook you'll keep missing takes like this:

    'that blue collar's a red herring. it misdirects you all away from even noticing the 1%'s share of income has gone from 9% to 22%. that's the real reason middle class income has fallen. breaking unions was a major factor in shifting income upward, and shipping manufacturing overseas was a big part of breaking unions.'

    surprised you didn't know godwin's law. you call that ass a nazi or something?

  2. i'd really like to know what you think.