Friday, September 21, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again Sorry it's Been so Long

I'm writing a brief piece to be delivered in my Church's Sunday Service on Health Care.

Good morning. My name is Sue Reinhard and I have multiple sclerosis. Let me introduce my support system. Right. Just me. No husband. No family. Whatever I do, I do on my own. Oh, my doctors are good, and my church will comfort me and even my building managers look after me…but I’m on my own. One day I will need Assisted Living or Nursing Care and while I know how much that will cost...I also know that I can’t afford to pay $3,000 a month for it. And do I really want to be wheeled into a corner of someplace that gives minimal care? To do nothing but sit the rest of my days? I believe in Assisted Suicide, if I so choose; but I do not permit other people to decide that I am excess baggage. I joke that if assisted care is only for the rich, I’ll find a bridge to live under. Let’s hope that’s just a joke.

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  1. this is sobering. is that outcome inevitable? i don't know that much. thought there were effective meds. don't any of them work for you?