Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Uninspired, I Take an End of Summer Vacation

I’m using the end of summer as an excuse to take off from the blog, but really it’s hard to think of poetry right now. I’ll try to do something over the weekend, once the taste of this nasty, racist Republican Convention is replaced by one that is more likely to be telling the truth and more welcoming to women, gays and minorities. I lack inspiration as I’ve realized that my inspiration of late has all been a desperate lie. And the hilarious part is that sitting at the computer, wearing Depends because of MS has left me with my first diaper rash in 62 years. I am writing this wearing only a T-shirt and please, don’t imagine this poor old body. So, if anyone is curious, there you are and here I am. Back by the 4th of September on a regular schedule, I swear.

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