Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sonnet 66 – Oh, Oh, My Brown-Eyed Boy

Sonnet 66 – Oh, oh, Brown-Eyed Boy

And Death has outranked Love inside my mind
Oh, Lord, I do not want to be retired
The hair is white, skin now a wrinkled rind
I need a brown-eyed boy to be inspired
Of course, I never had the skill of paint
And hated high heeled shoes and skinny skirts
No man has ever seen me swoon and faint
Pumpkin-headed women cannot be flirts
We writers feign that personality
Is so much more important than the looks
Real men have smote me with reality
They don’t care if I wrote a hundred books
It’s time, at last, to admit to you all
At heart, I’m a male homosexual

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