Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Playing With Rhyme Patterns...an Exercise

Finally, Spring begins for real
I enjoy blue skies and green trees
Without the stab of pollen’s bite.

Does anyone care what I feel,
Or what she wants or what she sees?
Ah, I’m getting too old to fight.

Falling in love lands on a cloud,
Falling out is splat on cement.
With only your nose breaking the fall.

Got many things of which I’m proud,
So it’s time that I take the hint,
And clear my head to hear the call.

I saw you post for a brief flash
“Concentrating on survival.”
And then, the words just disappeared.

You knew I was there for a dash
And would see the words' arrival.
Or was it the world’s eyes you feared?

I am silent. You have to know
That you alone can save your life.
As I alone take care of me.

But I know that your strength will flow
And you will overcome the strife
I pray you continue to be.

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