Friday, March 30, 2012

Sonnet XXXXVI--Wild Thing—You Made My Heart Sing

For years, I’ve thought it was all the men’s fault;
They couldn’t settle down and make a life.
Early today, a thought made my mind halt,
None of these three really wanted a wife.
The Poet, Actor, and Imagineer,
Were anarchists with mad lives unstable.
But I tried to cling out of female fear,
None of us should have come to the table.
I hate that I lacked the basic courage,
To know when to laugh and then move along.
And taken my talents out of storage,
And concentrated on my woman’s song.
Wild men children are not meant to be wed.
And neither was I, let the truth be said.


  1. NOW you got it!

    it's taken me a long time to sift thru the human condition to find its essence. i think -- subject to revision -- that it's that we have no choice but to choose [similar to rousseau's man must be forced to be free], and, inevitably, we often choose wrong [as in 'to err is human', of course].

    [have to add 'to forgive, divine', since clearly you have at last forgiven the lunatic, the lover, and the poet...or whatever. looks like you have forgiven or are about to forgive yourself too, as you must.]

    you say you hate [present tense] that you lacked [past tense].... now you can even laugh at that hate, let it go, 'move along'. you likely know that now, and don't need my advice.

    'chalk it up to...' you know what. it's all part of waking from dreams.

    1. Yes, thank you for seeing it. I just realized after 62 years that I didn't want who I had...I just didn't want to wait to find someone better. And alone is something every woman has to adjust to, by aging out of the pool or widowhood or whatever. I am finally in the moment.

  2. seriously? you didn't want who you had? not even a little bit? is that possible?