Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sonnet XXXXIII - That's me in the Spotlight News

Photoshop lifts my face from the graveyard,
I laugh at the lie of the pretty girl.
My lifetime has been too long and too hard,
To stay on that merry-go-round’s mad whirl.
All I am is human and that must be first,
And time and passion must be to save lives,
And keep this world from becoming the worst.
Even if I’m not the one who survives.
Never been arm candy, it’s too late to start.
The love I’ve given was never returned,
To most of my men, I was less than a fart.
I have too much scar tissue to be burned.
So now, I am at last androgynous,
Freed from the romantic preposterous.


  1. susan, you are so very beautiful. deep. insightful. empathetic. gracious. upbeat.
    honey, you are maaaaaavelous!

  2. Well, thank you so much! I'm slowing getting to appreciate myself more with all of your help!