Monday, March 5, 2012

Essay Time -- We're SUPPOSED to be a Playwright

Getting back to the original intention for “reinhardrites”; it was supposed to be about writing plays, no matter how futile an effort that might be. This is not a great economy for not having a script that rehashes an old movie or television script. This is not the time in my life to start back at this because I’m not in college nor am I a professor, i.e., no one is paying to put up the first production and get me some buzz. I’m too weak to go into a NYC Workshop, and besides, those exist basically to pay the theater’s rent, with a one day night of readings to keep you churning out the cash. However, that said, I have nothing but time now, with the bills all paid and the i’s all dotted on my paperwork. I’ve put a new opening on the big play “Amour Americaine” that says flat out “THIS IS A FEMALE ‘Cyrano De Bergerac’ and explaining the changes as brightly and most theatrically as I can. I’ve found a terrific group of actors to help me develop it. Deborah (Siriana), Laura (Chrissie),  Jeri (Ceci and The Brit), Chuck (Raganno), Michael (Lee) and Thom, who plays Roxy with the same joy and humor as my real life inspiration, and therefore eases my guilt. Thanks, guys. I can only keep entering it in contests and with no agent, I don’t have much of a chance. But I have no chance if I don’t try. Then, I am going to finish “Bulldog”, “Siren Tears”, and “Ohio Finale”, and then, damn it. I will be retired and trying to relax into whatever MS has in mind for me.  What else can I do? Maybe it’ll feel so good when I stop.