Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Let's Wrap This Up and Turn It Into a Show

Reinhard's Rules of Riting was always meant to be temporary. It will become a, hopefully, comic one woman show.  I'm not sure what the uses are of Social Networking. It is much more important to have your ass out on a wooden stage, under lights, DOING something and I'm not sure what the next step is as we roll into the opening of The Talking God reading, which has been wonderful. I sense that I may lose the person who motivated me through all this and has been a wonderful support, but perhaps that was meant to be. The baby bird (with a cane) has to get out there and fly. Sorry that I didn't understand things perfectly from Day One, Baby Brother, it was all so new to me. There's a winter coming and we may cuddle up next to the computer, but it's going to have to become a sales tool. I have to get an agent. I have to write more plays BULLDOG will be the first new one in years and I am afraid of it, flying wild. R U HERE M I? about social networking is probably going to tear my heart out, but that's what I have to give you. Honest and brutal.  That's my job and I've been falling down on it. There's only eight of you, but thanks for the support. NEXT YEAR IN NEW YORK! Yeah. Right.

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  1. 8 ... quality not quantity stands the test of time :-)