Monday, December 31, 2012

Sonnet 76 -- New Year's Already????

Another New Year…this one is quiet
People drink and laugh and blast a cheap horn
We pledge to write and get on that diet
We’ll forget we said it tomorrow morn
I leave Times Square to the young and the strong
No more adventures, I plan to survive
Sickness makes my aging life seem too long
I guess we had good years to be alive
We had the sex, the booze and rock and roll
I want to rest now and fuck the worry
Too much of failure has taken its toll
No fame or profit, just tell a story
And just try to enjoy my twenty thirteen
Happy for life, if you know what I mean


  1. Good one! I like it, it strikes a chord for me!

  2. yeah, i know what u mean.

    haven't thought about times square new year's eve in years, but i can still recall your mom's tug o'war with a kid who wanted her empty bag. n before that how u got hit by a flying cork. n before that how the crowd pressed so hard when mounted cops pushed them back that i wondered if we'd live thru it. what an adventure! lol

    thanks for the reminder. have a great year!