Friday, December 28, 2012

Sonnet 75 The Golden One

american memes and philosophies
tell us that we should dream and not accept
the time comes you know you won’t find the keys
and it’s thirty years since you should have leapt
even the young ones are finding doors closed
hungry people now are standing in line
and we all are feeling that we’ve been hosed
i can’t risk losing what little is mine
so accept the truth, you silly old crone
you won’t be discovered at sixty three
and that man won’t change and pick up the phone
thank the Gods for being well fed and free
we made our art and bedded some beauties
let’s laugh and forget ambition’s duties


  1. look at the persons around you awarded prizes or interviewed as if they had something to say- look at them
    did u want to b in that #?
    i'd like to b mentioned just so i cld say f k u!
    yr frei feind in obscurity
    dave eberhardt

  2. of course we wanted to be in that number! and we were!

    ok, we were obscure, but we tried. we aimed for bliss and we took our shot, and maybe we were off the mark, but it's better than sitting n cussing, 'cause some of the time -- yeah, just once in a while -- we made 'em laugh n we made 'em cry n we made 'em gasp in awe n pleasure.

    n i don't regret one second of it.