Friday, March 18, 2011

Everything Changed In The Last Week

 Japan. Japan. Japan. Worse every day.
And we wait for the other clog to drop.
For what? We don’t even know what will
Happen when the reactors lose patience
And explode.

I've wasted too much time on Love and Sex.
I must write about our humanity,
All  of our hopes and dreams shattered by greed,
Advancing age, poverty and illness.
Nothing left.

The sky is blue and the sun shines brightly.
Tiny leaves slowly return to the trees .
I just want to talk to you face to face.
And once more make dinner of chocolate
And white wine.

We've been forced into a grim adulthood
Against our will. It is not fun and games.
Unless we turn off our minds and our ears.
We can't put it off one more day, until

Either idle or running like machines,
People are falling through the cracks of life.
Freedom is more than decadence, I fear.
No one is shocked or moved by anything.

So, we will never meet again to talk.
We will never meet again so lightly.
But we will be bound in the work to come
And wave at each other from far flung shores.
Moving on.

If I must be alone, let it be in
A crowd marching forward, demanding Joy
For the children who inherit this Life
That we didn’t cherish or respect till
It was gone.

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