Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another One That Can't Be Shared But Here It Is

Damn it! No one should understand fantasy
Better than me, who’s lived her life in it.
No one has bigger rose colored glasses.
Why should I be surprised that the object
I dream of is dreaming of others with
The same chance of happy ever after?

Forgive me.

When you are in the pain of losing her
I should not be mourning about losing you.
No one could understand as well  as us.
But we can’t speak of this because of me.
I wish you could feel my hand on your back
Without worry that I mean something else.

Forgive me.

I have lessened my life with the daydreams
You have destroyed your life with fantasy.
An addiction, a trance, comforting joy.
I know. I know and I am fighting it but
I can’t share my victory with you, Angel.
As it was about you, whom it kills.

Forgive me.

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