Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting Hooked on Free Verse

four years old, my first crush on Roy Rogers
zoned out of my mother’s world of spankings
screams and Marlboros…dreaming ever since
first experience in love was a rape
married twice, fantasizing ideal men
paid their bills as they strayed to “better” chicks
left them both, turning daydreams into scripts
but again, my mind was thinking of men
the brave cowboy knight in shining armor
but now, i am not the girl they dream of
fed by the internet pornography
they can have all the high maintenance
obedient youngsters they desire
sans spending a cent or feeling a thing
i try not to feel abandoned alone
at least all of my scant money is mine
and my wit and friendships are still intact
reality sometimes seems a bit dull
and Trigger is stuffed in a museum

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