Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sonnet 72 --Hurricanes, Weird Macs and Bitchy Moods

This Lady doth be like unto a bitch
How dare they call a hurricane “Sandy”?
The name should be that of an evil witch
Not some stupid female cotton candy!
Look at your life? Just look at mine! A waste!
No husband, children or play productions
Of success Reinhard’s never had one taste
No love has touched her thousand seductions
All she’s achieved is to somehow survive
And finally grown a crippled backbone
Sitting here waiting for the storm to arrive
Once more happier to be home alone
But even burdened with this stupid ass MS
I want to think I might still have success


  1. Remember, "Remember,no woman is a failure who has friends." And you have many who care about you.

  2. uh-oh. just noticed. 2 sonnets with same number. but this one's not true. your life's not a waste. you've had a taste. not as much as you wanted, i'm sure, but don't knock it: you went further than billions of others. time to throw off self-pitying indulgence and see if ur doctor can get u some pot from the new montclair dispensary.